Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Graduation Celebration

Last week Teacher Daniel invited me to attend a graduation ceremony for his wife, Zipporah. Daniel is an instructor at the Akiba school and has become a good friend. On Friday, I piled into the school van with Daniel and Zippy’s families and we drove together to Karen. The town of Karen was named for Karen Blixen (from Out of Africa) and is a suburb of Nairobi filled with coffee farms and tea plantations. Thousands of families from all over Kenya gathered for the graduation ceremony on the campus of the Catholic University of East Africa. It was a spectacular event with many guest speakers and hundreds of vendors hawking Fanta Sodas along with all types of graduation memorabilia. After the ceremony we sped back to Teacher Daniel’s house for a feast and a traditional Kikuyu celebration. Anne and Amber joined us for some songs and here’s a short clip of the group singing in Kikuyu (check back soon for the video link, it's taking a while to upload).

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