Monday, October 16, 2006


Last Tuesday was a National Holiday here in honor of former president, Daniel Arap Moi. I celebrated by spending the day poolside at the posh Muthaiga Country Club. Two of our friends from The Falls Church (Sam and Lynn Owen) are members there and have a wonderful ministry working with government and business leaders in Kenya. During the afternoon I met the police commissioner of Kenya along with several other Kenyan noteables. I also encountered a fellow Mary Washington College alumnus who works on food security in Northern Kenya. After visiting the club, Lynn gave us a ride back to the apartment. On the way our car slowed briefly at a roundabout as the vehicle prepared to enter traffic. As we inched forward a man ran up to our car, ripped the side view mirror off, stuck it under his jacket and walked off into traffic. . . Apparently such robberies are quite common in Nairobi. In one particular neighborhood, drivers often return to their cars after spending a half hour or so in a store to find their parked cars completely stripped of parts by local mechanics/thiefs. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about owning or driving a car here :)

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