Thursday, October 05, 2006

A New Home

The past week or so Amber, Anne, and I have been walking around the city looking at housing options and trying to find furniture. I’ve been surprised by the number of new apartment buildings in Nairobi. Construction projects are everywhere, and there has been substantial economic growth and a dramatic increase in the middle class since the last time I was here. . . With the advice of Sam and Lynn Owen we’ve been able to find a very nice apartment complex in a secure location and at a reasonable price. Here’s the view from my window, and a shot of the shared dining room. The apartment came completely unfurnished so we bought a refrigerator the other day and have been visiting furniture dukas on the side of the road to find inexpensive but well-crafted hardwood and iron furniture.

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matt said...

Man...I'm jealous about that furniture, actually. Missionaries are supposed to suffer, Dave! Come on!