Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fourteen Falls

Recently Amber and I took an excursion to Fourteen Falls and Kilima Mbogo, two lesser visited National Parks outside of Thika. The region is home to the Kamba peoples and features forests and farming communities as well as picturesque waterfalls flowing from the Athi River. To get close to the falls, we jumped in a makeshift wooden boat belonging to a local fisherman and were paddled across the river to a small island. The island was home to goats and mudfish, as well as a group of boys who spend their days swimming in the river and jumping off the cliffs over the falls. They offered to teach us cliff diving and showed us the best places to jump. We decided to pass this time around. Here’s a picture of Amber with her new friends at the falls.

NEW: Watch a video of our trip to Fourteen Falls


jwilliams said...

I truly enjoyed this video. My husband and I aspire to visit Fourteen Falls on day. This video has served as a beautiful prelude to our own excursion. Thanks!

Be blessed!

jwilliams said...

That is a beautiful video. My husband and I aspire to visit 14 falls one day, but this video has taken us on a sample excursion :-) Thanks!

Be Blessed!