Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lying Lies and the Liars who Tell Them

Washington D.C. has plenty of con artists, but Nairobi has more than its share too. Recently, I’ve been learning that real estate agents in Kenya are notoriously deceptive. I’ve heard stories of agents who’ve collected viewing fees or deposit money and run off. Others are known to create fake leases and even hand out phony keys to already occupied flats. As I’ve been searching for a new flat, I’ve had my own experiences with deception. The real estate agent I had lied about rental price, security and water fees, apartment availability, and tenancy duration, all in an effort to extract supposedly refundable viewing fees based on a false contract. I lost about $40, but in the process was able to find a great flat. I’ve met with the landlord several times and it’s legitimate. I will be moving in to my new home within the next two weeks. It is a 1br flat in a great location and is only a few blocks away from where my friends amber and anne are staying.

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rjr said...

congrats on the new flat, dave. that's awesome. will be living by yourself?