Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Faithful Gardener

Richard ran out with a stick and threatened to fight the would-be thief. This plant snatcher had crawled across dense grass and pushed his hand through our broken fence. A crooked middle-aged man, he desperately wanted to steal our plants.

Light and Power Centre has a new garden. The lush plants are a refuge amidst the mud-filled squalor and rubbish of Kawangware slum. The garden is still small, but it really does stand out as something different. People regularly pass by and remark how nice it looks. The guys at Light and Power planted the garden with the help of our professional landscaper, Michelle Flores. Michelle volunteered at Light and Power for several months while she was in Nairobi. She got to know those at the centre, encouraged and shared with them, and then worked with them to build the garden. . . We are hoping to put in a real fence soon, a place for kids to play, and maybe even a small kiosk. If you’re interested in helping us, let me know at kenyaconnection@gmail.com.

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