Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Dismissal

Recently I had the sad duty of dismissing one of the guys from Light and Power Centre. This was the second time for me. It’s one of the hardest parts of working with this ministry; for every success story there’s also guys who just have to be turned away. Mike is a former street kid who has been involved with Light and Power for over ten years and been one of our key leaders during the past year. He loves playing soccer, has strong gifts of leadership, and likes to joke and sing loudly. Unfortunately, he’s also developed bad habits of theft, deception, and abuse. He’s been misleading many of the younger boys at the Centre and has recently hurt its reputation in the community. After a lot of difficult drama we realized that for the benefit of the Centre, Mike needed to be dismissed. Please pray for him as he tries to move on. Pray for his young daughter and orphaned nieces and nephews who stay with him. Pray also for us as we begin a new chapter at Light and Power. We are hopeful that this change will really help the other guys and allow opportunities for growth.

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