Monday, October 22, 2007

Kisumu Ex Street Boys

Here’s me with Kisumu Ex Street Boy, Maxwell Omondi:

Maxwell is a delightfully honest and joyful young man who has been through a lot hardship. When I met him he only owned one t-shirt and a pair of shorts and sandals, and he slept at night in a canvas sack on the side of the road. Despite his struggles, Maxwell is an incredibly bright student and gifted singer. After meeting him, I felt a strong call to become more involved in his life. I currently help sponsor him to go to school, and he has joined a group called Kisumu Ex Street Boys. He lives with them and now attends the New Kisumu High School; he hopes to finish his courses next winter. . .Thanks to the donor who recently offered $50 to help Maxwell. This will provide a nice lunch for him for the next two months. Prior to that, he had been going to school without breakfast or lunch. Pray for him as he finishes the school year and tries to recover from typhoid.

Below, Lucy joins former street children for a photo. Twenty children and youth who used to stay on the streets now live in a home and receive care and counseling from Kisumu Ex Street Boys. Former street boy and founder Dancan Omondi continues to seek out and help street children as best he can. Many of the kids are able to find school sponsorships and receive desperately needed care.

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