Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to Nairobi

After much agonizing and consultations with family, friends, the church, the U.S. embassy, and our missions society, SAMS, I've decided to return to Kenya. I'm flying on British Airways tonite via London. The situation is calm in Nairobi right now, but please pray for peace. Kofi Annan is coming on Tuesday to help in the mediation process, but there are scheduled protest rallies for Wednesday through Friday. These could become violent and the current political scene makes stability in the country uncertain.

It is heartbreaking to see how fragile life is; how East Africa's most stable democracy, one of Africa's fastest growing economies, and a model for harmonious tribal relations have been shattered in a few days. I live in a safe area, but some of our friends and ministry partners in the slums have been directly impacted by riots, looting, and violence. I am hoping to reconnect and continue with ministry there, but will work mostly from my apartment and keep a very low profile until the situation improves. If the crisis worsens or if we receive word from the embassy, TFC or SAMS to do so, I will come back home early. It has been a joy being home during Christmas and having some extra unexpected time with family and friends.

I'm optimistic that things will improve in Kenya in the near future. We are still planning and preparing for three missions trips to Kenya this summer. Let me know if anyone else is interested and I'll give you more details.

Thank you so much for ya'lls support. Please pray at this time for reconciliation and understanding and peace in Kenya, for worries here and for safety there. . .Amber and Anne are tentatively scheduled to arrive on Thursday night, which is in the middle of the protests. Pray also for their safety and for their families.

Thank you,

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