Monday, June 16, 2008

Kenyan National Prayer Breakfast

On Saturday, 31st May, I attended the Kenyan National Prayer Breakfast. The annual event is organized by members of Parliament. Sam and Lynn Owen also help to coordinate the event as part of their ministry with the Parliamentary Prayer Groups. They invited Amber, Anne, and I, as well as a small group from Light and Power to attend.

The breakfast was a grand event, held at the largest conference hall in Kenya, in the Safari Park Hotel. The President, Vice President, and Prime Minister were all present, as were many dignitaries from across East Africa and around the world. The Main Speaker was retired U.S. Congressman Walter Fauntroy, a long-time pastor and civil rights activist. He shared movingly from his experiences working alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, and he encouraged and challenged Kenyan leaders to promote peace by pursuing income, education, healthcare, housing, and justice for all Kenyans. Later, the President referred to the post-election violence as "our little mistake" and urged Kenyans to move forward in unity. After the President's speech, Lucy's group, 4 Word, sang an a capella song in Kiswahili about forgiveness.

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