Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Broken hammers in a village

Eight guys from The Falls Church joined me recently for trip full of fun and service. We spent about a week working in the remote village of Ngarendare. This is the site of one of our projects with Planting Faith Ministries. We've been working with a group of 60 farmers who are growing some spiny looking flowers. During the TFC Team's visit we built a large "grading shed" for the flowers as well as a cooling shed (made out of chicken wire and charcoal).

Jack pounds crossbeams into the rock hard blue gum posts.
Our driver, Muriuki, inspects the posts.
Kenan installs tin roofing as others support the makeshift ladder.
Our chicken wire framed cooling shed (just before we added the charcoal)
Celebrating with our farmer friends in the new grading shed.

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