Monday, March 30, 2009

A Colourful Celebration

March 7th, the day we had been waiting for was here. After a year of praying, preparing, and planning, the day was finally upon us. There was colour everywhere and shouts of joy and ululation as women ushered their daughter in to the wedding venue, St. Mark's Church in Nairobi, Kenya. We didn't know how many guests to expect, but were delighted to see so many friends at the wedding. The church was beautifully decorated in orange, green, and yellow and for once people kept time (Kenyans are notorious for up to four hour delays at weddings). The bride was beautiful, the bridal party, colourful, and the groom, nervous:) The ceremony was led by Rev. Tom Otieno who is our vicar at Christ Church, Westlands, and was assisted by Rev. John Mark Oduor. It was beautiful to look into each others eyes as we exchanged the vows that would bind us together in this beautiful course of love. The ceremony was long by American standards, but considered short for a Kenyan wedding.

At the reception, African tom tom drums welcomed the bride and groom and there was music, dance, and sharing from family and friends. After the seven hour celebration came to an end, we remembered how faithful God has been. He blessed us with the miracle of the bride's father being able to attend, even though he had been seriously ill for more than a month. . .It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we were blessed beyond our imaginations. We have a new proverb: “Weddings that start on time, end in a good time.” God bless you for your prayers and support.
- Lucy Amina Chaves

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