Monday, March 30, 2009

Missions Updates (from missionaries we support at Church Army)

  • To begin the new year, a Church Army mission team ran a medical camp and presented shoes to Turkana children in Northern Kenya. They then traveled to Kapoeta, Sudan and shared the message of reconciliation and hope with the semi-nomadic Taposa people.

  • At the start of 2009, Church Army sent its former C.E.O., Rev. Steve Maina to serve as a missionary and direct the activities of Church Missionary Society, New Zealand.

  • In January, 40 evangelists and lay leaders in Marsabit, were trained in holistic church planting. They look forward to continuing their ministries in the semi-arid regions of Northern Kenya with the newly appointed missionary Bishop, Rt. Rev. Martin Robert.

  • In early March, 200 people in Southern Nyanza responded to the Jesus Film by inviting Jesus Christ into their lives. Follow up is being conducted by local churches.

  • Sudanese students of Theology at Carlile College are currently training hundreds of pastors in Southern Sudan through classes and seminars held in remote and difficult to reach areas.

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