Monday, March 30, 2009

New Beginnings and the Nairobi Fellows

This April six interns embark on a journey of faith and fellowship, called New Beginnings. The group of recent high school graduates will spend the next 5 months growing in discipleship, community, service, and mission. The goal is to empower and equip Kenyan youth with life and job skills and a heart for service. Lucy and I will be directing New Beginnings along with another internship opportunity that we are excited to launch, The Nairobi Fellows.
Since it's inception at The Falls Church, Fellows Programs have spread across the country and challenged college graduates to grow as leaders and live for Christ in the ministry as well as in the marketplace. We have begun recruitment for the first Fellows Program in Africa and hope to have representatives from Kenya and around the world. The Nairobi Fellows will emphasize discipleship, leadership development, and missions. The program is set to start in September 2009. For more information contact:

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