Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evangelism and Youth Workshops

Over the past decade, Anglican church membership in Kenya has decreased significantly. Most of those leaving the church are youth. Many Kenyan youth consider themselves Christians, but feel neglected by the church or consider it irrelevant to their daily lives. Church attendance has dropped dramatically among the youth in most mainline denominations with a good number leaving to join Pentecostal churches, attracted to lively services or loud promises of prosperity. The youth represent nearly 75% of Kenya's population and face a host of social and economic challenges including unemployment, crime, corruption, tribalism, and HIV/AIDS. At Church Army Africa we seek to reverse the trend of youth leaving the church, believing that the local church is God's primary vehicle to address the concerns of young people and bring substantive change to their communities, offering authentic hope and help through Jesus Christ.

As part of the efforts to re-engage youth and revive the
church, Church Army has been conducting Youth for Work
seminars and Evangelism and Church Planting workshops
in dioceses across Kenya. In May, Church Army ministered
to nearly 100 youth leaders in Southern Nyanza and Kericho
as well as to dozens of evangelists and church leaders from
throughout the dioceses. The workshops emphasized small
group discussions and identifying and addressing local
challenges and opportunities. As a result of the workshops,
fifteen new churches have been planted in Kenya over the
past several months and dozens of new micro-enterprises
have begun among the youth.

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