Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reflecton Of The Past Year

It has been twelve months since I last returned to Kenya. What an incredible year! At this time in 2008, I was struggling to fund raise, unsure if or when I would be able to make the trip back to Nairobi. Despite one of the greatest economic downturns in history, God has been ever faithful to provide. He provided missions supporters, a place to stay, a great work environment, exciting opportunities, and a wife! As Lucy and I prepare to visit the U.S. in December, we look back with wonder and gratitude for what the Lord has accomplished during the past one year. Here are some of the highlights:

Ministry Highlights
1. Dave and Lucy supported the mission work of Church Army Africa, which during the first half of 2009 saw:
i. Over 100 evangelists trained through grassroots initiatives.
ii. Over 200 youth leaders reached through grassroots training.
iii. 16 new churches planted in Dioceses across Kenya (January to June 2009)

2. Dave assisted with services and was involved in the leadership of a ministry to persecuted Somali Christians. Many Somali refugees have been coming to Christ from a background of fundamentalist Islam. (January to September, 2009)

3. Lucy was re-elected to the Parish Church Council of Christ Church, A.C.K. During 2009 she served as an active leader of the youth ministry, worship ministry, and marriage enrichment ministry. (February 2009)

4. Dave and Lucy were joined in marriage in Nairobi (March 7th, 2009).

5. Lucy planned and coordinated an induction Ceremony for the new General Secretary of Church Army with attendance from Anglican clergy across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. (March 2009)

6. Dave and Lucy worked with Church Army to help launch Vision 2015, a strategic plan to bring transformation to African communities through planting and development of over 3000 holistic churches across the continent. (March 2009)

7. Dave developed and led an internship, discipleship, and missions training program for six young people from Kenya and England. (March to September 2009)

8. Lucy planned and coordinated a Commissioning Ceremony for 33 new evangelists in the Anglican Church. Bishops and clergy from across Eastern Africa participated in the event. (June 2009)

9. Dave worked with Church Army to launch a video production center to empower young people, communicate stories of God's faithfulness, and raise funds for the work of mission. (June 2009)

10. Dave and Lucy planned, coordinated and helped lead a visiting Global Engagement Team from The Falls Church. The team helped landscape and build pit latrines at Light and Power Center and met with teachers and students at Akiba School (June to July 2009)

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