Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Transitions 101

“I had a project that was very dear to my heart, I was constructing a toilet.” What a shift, I thought, as I listened to the man who was going to be our new pastor. Rev. Daniel Juma had served in Kibera for three years and was passionately fundraising to build a much needed toilet for Holy Trinity Church. In the midst of this noble project, he found himself transitioning to a new parish with new projects and new opportunities. It got me thinking, what am I passion-ate about? Do I understand the needs of the people I serve? Where is God leading me in this season of transition?

As I begin a new season of life as a mother, it is a time filled with transitions. I’m grateful for the
three months maternity leave I’ll enjoy, spending time with Joshua and reflecting on the upcoming changes. I’m officially resigning from my work at Church Army Africa at the end of this year, although I may still help out with the internship and short term missions programs. I will miss being part of the management team and helping to plan and coordinate events. God willing, I hope to start divinity school in January next year. The Lord has given me a heart for mission work, youth ministry, and counseling. As I begin full-time ministry as a mother, I’m excited to see where the Lord will lead us next. - Lucy Chaves

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