Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camping Craziness

Last week we led a group of our interns on a camping trip at Rowaland's Camp on the outskirts of Kibera. The first night it rained like crazy and one of our tents flooded. The guys spent the night curled up next to a campfire. It was cold and wet, but a great time. While on a short hike the next afternoon a group of monkeys attacked the other tent and made off with much of the food. For many of the interns it was their first time camping. Lots of fun but with some important lessons for next time:

1). Avoid pitching tents in puddle prone terrain.

2). Never leave food unguarded with the monkeys of Rowaland's.

The Team.

Quin, Steve, and Pascaline try to stay warm.

George gives the thumbs up as Esther and Duncan look on.

Ezekiel prepares the cooking pot.

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