Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From Waste to What?

Recently, Lucy challenged several of our job-seeking intern alumni to think about waste management in the city. Paper, plastic, and all sorts of waste litter the streets across Nairobi and are dumped in the river as well as near schools and public instititutions. There is no public system for regulating waste, and residents and private businesses are left to develop their own mechanisms for disposal. The results is that most waste is burned on the roadside, dumped in another part of the city, or left as litter on the ground. Private contractors ferry trucks to several dumpsites while street children pick through the waste in an informal and unhealthy recycling system.

Above: The remains of burnt tires at a burning site on the outskirts of Eastleigh, Nairobi.

As a result of Lucy's challenge, a small group has started meeting regularly and has interviewed garbage collectors, visited dump sites, and begun exploring opportunities for recycling. What started as a short brainstorming session is now blossoming into a community based organization. We are hoping to use waste management as a vehicle to create job opportunities, clean the environment, and mentor and minister to youth in the city. Creating a cleaner and kinder city through self-sustainable waste management is the goal. Our next question is "From waste to what?" Please be praying for the Tri-cycle Team and the continued research, planning, partnerships, and provision to launch a waste management program during 2012.

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