Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sinking Homes

Kalerwe is the largest slum in Kampala and a difficult area to live in. Known as a hideout for criminals, the area faces many challenges including poverty, poor infrastructure, prostitution, and more. During the raining season, the community experiences flooding, and many of the homes have sunk into the ground or are partially submerged during parts of the year. During our visit, we found some homes that were abandoned, and others that were occupied even though filled with rain water mixed with sewerage.

Despite several inches of water, there was a single mother and three young children living in this house in the heart of Kalerwe. There was a small strip of dry ground next to an elevated bed where the family slept, and the rest of the place was under water.

A foot path through Kalerwe

This house was abandoned after rain and sewage filled its rooms.
Housing in Kalerwe is a mix of brick and iron sheet. Sanitation is a major challenge.

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