Thursday, July 31, 2014

Occultism, Spirit Possession and Hysteria

During a recent visit to Western Kenya, I accompanied a friend for an emergency pastoral visit to a local primary school. Students, teachers and parents gathered at the rural school along with the local Chief, Councilor, District Medial Officer, Police Commander and four military personnel. 

All of these had come in response to school hysteria and multiple cases of demon possession. Also present were religious leaders from a local cult who over a period of several days used a variety of rituals to try to "appease the evil spirits." According to local leaders, the spirits were annoyed because a promised human sacrifice was never delivered. In a case that garnered national media attention, learning was paralyzed in the school for weeks.

Here's an interview with one of the teachers along with a few clips I shot:

After the cult leaders were encouraged to leave, a ministry team from the Anglican church and other local evangelicals engaged in prayer. Six girls received deliverance and relief of symptoms ranging from fainting, temporary paralysis, and violent writhing and shaking. The girls made a decision to put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and deliverer.

Diocesan Youth Pastor, Peter Omondi addresses distressed parents.
Local government leaders look on.
 Prayers following deliverance session.

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