Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Great Floods of 06

The rains have started in Nairobi. Now is the season of the light rains. The sky will be clear one moment and the next thing you know you wish you weren’t walking outside. Rain wrecks havoc on the dirt roads here creating pools of reddish brown mud. It turns the path to Akiba into an impassable puddle, and causes the marshes of Gatina to overflow, making the journey to Light and Power a treacherous trip. . .The flood I experienced recently, however, didn’t come from the rains, it came from the toilet. The plumbing overflowed three times this week. I woke up on two occasions to find a trail of water leading from the end of the hallway to the base of my bed. Fortunately the plumbing is now fixed, but the moisture has taken its toll on the floor. Most apartments in Nairobi have beautifully paneled floors with wood imported from Uganda. However, the floor basing warps easily with water. Here’s what it looks like now. . . It’s funny because earlier this summer, my basement room in Falls Church was underwater for a week. This flood wasn’t nearly as bad.

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