Monday, October 16, 2006

Rift Valley Academy

On Saturday, Amber, Anne, and I drove to Rift Valley Academy, the largest missionary boarding school in the world. We went with our friends Todd and Patsy McgGregor to watch their eldest daughter play in an intense all-day basketball tournament. RVA hosts the annual tournament and has a tradition of preparing home-made donuts for the guests. I enjoyed fresh from the oven vanilla frosted yummy goodness – my first donut in Kenya, and until next year, probably my last. On the way to RVA we saw goats, donkeys, cattle, and even a family of baboons cross the road in front of our car. Here’s a the view from the school.

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briansweet said...


I just found your blog and am so glad to be caught up on some of what's going on with you in the great land of AFRICA. That's crazy about the guy walking up and stealing your sideview mirror. Those things can be tough to rip off. :)