Saturday, February 10, 2007

Close Encounters with Slimy Creatures

As I went to wipe my face, I had an unsettling, slimy surprise. A giant slug had somehow managed to climb through the window and settle down to sleep inside my towel. As you may imagine, I was quite surprised to see him there just two inches from my nose. I threw the towel across the room and sent the slug crashing into the wall. He was unfazed. This was by far the largest slug I had ever seen. . .Now you can see him too, hanging out with Abraham Lincoln. I must say, the picture doesn’t do him justice, but maybe you can get an idea. He’s really really quite fierce looking in person. . .Apparently giant slugs are fairly common in Nairobi. Recently I ran into a dozen or more in one of the slums where I work. I also encountered some other slimy creatures in the slum. The last couple of weeks I had been experiencing fatigue and stomach issues and wanted to get it checked out. I went to the doctor to learn that I had “developed” worms. Because of problems with water purity, sanitation, and living in close proximity with animals, worms are a normal part of life in the slums. In the poorer areas, one common cure is to drink extremely potent alcohol in hopes that it will kill the worms or convince them to leave. Fortunately, pills are also available. I’ve been encouraged to take them and de-worm regularly. Worms are a major menace, but if treated are not a significant health concern.


rjr said...

ewww, gross!!! :)

Matt said...

that's one impressive slug.