Saturday, February 10, 2007

Traffic Jam

In a country where there are no stop signs, traffic lights are optional, and everyone has the right of way, traffic jams can be a bit tricky. When you also consider that paved roads are littered with potholes and dirt roads become impassable when it rains, traveling in Kenya can be quite difficult. Here’s one of the roads I’ve had trouble on recently. Later a larger truck broke down, blocking traffic on a major highway near Maasai Mara. Dozens of cars and buses tried to go around the truck, but got stuck in the mud. Meanwhile, the two lane road became a six lane parking lot. I waited for a little over an hour with hundreds of others who got out of their cars to push, offer advice, or just watch the drama. . . Despite the difficulties, I’ve come to learn that Kenyan drivers are remarkable efficient at getting around. Matatu drivers are especially good at inventing shortcuts, racing through round abouts, or just driving through obstacles.

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