Monday, October 22, 2007

Hospital Hospitality

Hospitals in Kenya are interesting. Nairobi has some of Africa’s best hospitals, but appearances can be a little deceiving. For example, the “Emergency Room” here is called the “Casualty Department.” Also, hospital administrators often require patients to show a receipt before they can receive any drugs or injections. When I was most recently in the hospital, I had to have someone run back and forth to the front desk with cash for each lab test or every time the doctor wanted to administer medicine. . . In rural areas, hospitals are usually downright atrocious. It’s hard to imagine life in a community without a good hospital.

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rjr said...

man, dave. it's been awhile since i perused your blog. i LOVE all the entries you've added, especially the ones with photos and videos. it's great to finally see lucy! she's beautiful. blessings to you, friend.