Monday, October 22, 2007

The Puppet Show

Everything has changed. . .since the arrival of the puppets. In August, several friends from TFC donated puppets to Light and Power. Since then we’ve seen a dramatic transformation take place. Attendance at our Saturday morning program has doubled to nearly 60 children each week. Dozens of children and their families stop by to watch the puppets and join in the fun.

Because of the puppets, people everywhere are spontaneously breaking into song and dance.

Since the puppets came, theft has ceased in Gatina and guys at the Centre volunteer for all kinds of helpful tasks. For example, Lenny and Eric recently volunteered to spend their holiday digging a giant ditch for the Centre’s trash.

We’ve even had two friends from the U.S. decide to come and volunteer. Margaret Bakke and Jonathan Howard joined in the fun of the puppets.

Finally, the political landscape in Kenya has undergone a dramatic change since the arrival of the puppets. The incumbent president, who was once dominating the polls, now trails by nearly 15 points. . .Never underestimate the power of a puppet.

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