Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What I've Been Doing

I have a new routine this year. I am no longer teaching classes at Akiba School. Instead, I’m spending time with a few other ministries. Most mornings I’m still in Gatina, meeting with the guys at Light and Power. While there, I lead devotions; mentor and counsel; and assist with business development. Currently we are in the process of developing a website, making new products such as gift boxes, trying to improve facilities, and expanding the Centre's market. From time to time I teach afternoon classes in statistical analysis and computer skills at Elishadai Computer College. The College has just opened a new campus in Western Kenya and we are hoping to continue to spread to reach more rural areas by partnering with local churches. Sometimes I also spend my afternoons working on video or communication projects for Church Army Africa or other local ministries. One day a week I travel outside Nairobi with Planting Faith Ministries. Planting Faith currently has four projects for rural development with farmers in various parts of Kenya. They set up coops with farmers and harvest passion fruit, onions, and cut flowers. I’m just starting, but my role is mainly to meet with small groups of farmers for Bible studies, discussions, and Christian discipleship. I’m still trying to take Swahili classes, but I must admit that my language skills are lacking. It’s a challenge trying to be disciplined and it seems there is always a lot to distract me. One thing I’ve discovered recently, is the joy of house help. I now have someone from Gatina who helps me one day a week so I don’t have to frustrate myself hand-washing clothes and trying to keep things clean amidst the dust of Nairobi and the mud of the slums.

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